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Your DNA vs Legal Practice vs Privacy


So, FDA just put on hold 23andme DNA kits business….  as expected many people are sending angry letters and making up “eye opening” Youtube videos about the government oppressive regime, Illuminati cover up and free enterprise death.

There is some truth in it…maybe, but I don’t have enough facts and evidence to proof any of that matter. The story is slightly different. 

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Ambient Videos turned 2 today!

Ambient Videos turned 2 today!

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Dec 6


This is a patient with Broca’s Aphasia from the Wisconsin Physio Dept, found on you tube here.  Remember that Broca’s Aphasia results in an inability to formulate words, though patients still have an understanding of language and know what they want to say- they are simply unable to do so with the ease most of us take for granted.  You can see this patient struggles to get the words out and settles for just a few to get out the idea of what he wants to say.

New Frontiers in Modern Medicine

What are the new priorities for the current medicine? Diseases or cancer? Millions of people are suffering and dying from them but can we change course of human suffering with current state of medicine? Eh nope, and probably will not in this century either.

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When Molecular Nutrition Strikes Back!

After watching  ”Forks over Knifes” documentary I was inspired to write this article and share some information that will be interesting. I will start about subjects such as vitamins/antioxidants intake, vegetarian/vegan life style, and what is lent/fasting and why our ancestors practice it?

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DNA Teleportation, Telegony and Ancient Rule of the First Man

A recent “breaking news” appeared on many science and entertainment blogs that involved  Nobel prize winning scientist, Luc Montagnier’s theory on DNA teleportation. 

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The Ancient Lake in Antarctica

Lake Vostok is located in Antarctica under four km of ice. It is one of the largest sub glacial lakes and is approximately 250 km long and 50 km wide, with depths around 510m. Lake Vostok has been covered by the vast Antarctic ice sheet for up to 20 million 20 million years. After 30 years of drilling through the ice, the scientists announced that they are 100 meters away from the lake surface

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Synthetic Genomics

British Petroleum and Synthetic Genomics extracted DNA from such oil-containing geologic formations (biological organisms living in crude oil) and applied to them by DNA sequencing.  They took DNA from the cells of microbes living in underground reservoirs of oil, like bacteria or viruses, and then began to develop them in a lab environment to identify the chemical and genetic properties.  

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Our planet is beautiful and isolated world in our rocky and empty Solar System. Look at the rock based planets like Mars Venus and Mercury - they are dead, covered by meteorites craters and physically incapable to produce life. Gaseous Giants like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune are  simple accumulation of gas and chemical compounds and they for sure do not have any trait of life. On the other hand our Earth….. . Despite all current scientific explanation of our origins we have to admit that we don’t understand  how it all originate. 

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Aug 5

Deadly Toxins from the nature…

1. Cone snails (CONUS) carries its origins from Eocene time (56-34 millions years ago). This shellfish found in warm waters in Indo-West Pacific, South Africa and South California. The shell is shaped in cone shape with protruding ventricles (harpoon filled with venom). Conotoxin (cone snail’s toxin) attributes paralyzing  qualities by affecting Acetylcholine receptors, voltage depended Ca channels, and K channels, therefore producing extreme pain, swelling and numbness. In severe cases, it can lead to muscle paralysis, respiratory arrest and death. No anti-venom  is available.

2. Stone Fish (Synanceja trachynis) this is the most venomous fish known, It reaches 35 cm in length and lives in Australian waters. On the bottom of the ocean or ocean beach the fish look like rock. Interesting attribute of the fish is the  thirteen blades that carry poison (Stonustoxin - lethal protein). The sting causing horrible pain and tremendous swelling that develops with death of the tissues. The effect of the venom is muscle weakness, temporally paralysis that can lead to death if not treated. 

3. Blue-Ringed Octopus - the octopus is found in surrounding of the coastal reefs in Australia, it  mostly active hours are during the night time. If the specie is agitated, its rings increase in size, color (blue color saturation) pulsation. Inside the octopus’s salivary glands there is a bacteria that  produce tetrodotoxin. The toxin usually leads to paralysis and if it’s not treated lead to cardiac arrest.


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Jun 8


This video shows neurite (axons in this case) growth.  You can see the axons growing out towards other neurons, some connections not leading places and shrinking back, while others search out connections.  How do they do know where to go?  There are certain chemicals that other neurons will secrete, and then the neuron can pick up on concentration of those chemicals and grow in the directions where the concentrations are highest (which would be at the neuron secreting them).

What is Marcellus Shale?

What Is Marcellus Shale?

The Marcellus Shale is a natural gas field formation, which spans across parts of Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia.  Extending over 575 miles and having a thickness of up to 900 feet, the Marcellus Shale has the potential to hold anywhere from 1.9 to 516 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.  

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Persia, is a country with a glorious history spanning thousands of years. History of persians carry strong traits of  earlier Mesopotamia Sumer and Semites (Akkadians) mixed with Neo-Babylonian empire of Cyrus.

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Plate Tectonics.

Have you ever thought how cool and weird Grand Canyon is? Yes?, About 100 millions years ago (Jurassic - Cretaceous period) it was The bottom of Pacific ocean; Then around 60 millions years ago (tertiary period) everything changed, and land masses of Grand Canyon rose and became the surface. So the question is what happened? According to the theory, (also, look at the map ) the Pacific Plate shifting towards the Eurasian plates and slowly getting under the Eurasian core. While the other end of the Pacific plate edge (in the USA and Canada) is taking up the Atlantic Plate. This is how Grand Canyon land masses were rose up and later a huge river came about…..

Look at the geological map of world tectonic plates (John Ericksson, 2002, Plate tectonics)

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Ancient Library. we don’t know exactly our history?

Human civilization walked through out many turmoils and disasters but one of them was the worst in all meaning of this word. And no, its not volcano or earthquake that killed millions, it is Julius Caesar who burned down ancient library in Alexandria. The library had all information and archives of early civilizations.

Check a webpage for more history about the Alexandria Library and Museum.